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Welcome to Anna Silver is a wholesaler and retailer manufacturer of sterling silver jewelry. Our products consist of silver rings, silver earrings, silver pendants, silver necklaces and silver bracelets. We primarily wholesale directly to silver jewelry retailers. All our silver jewelry will be marked "925" in all of our cast silver jewelry products, defining them as sterling silver jewelry. Each and every part of our sterling silver jewelry is made by our experienced silversmiths; therefore, we assure you of the delicacy and quality of our superb silver products.As the best service is our goal, you won't be disappointed with our silver jewelry and wholesale prices. We offer you the opportunity to purchase sterling silver jewelry at the most competitive prices. With our long experience in this field along with the best craftsmen we have, we guarantee you of the uniquely crafted collection of our sterling silver jewelry. Located in the heart of Southeast Asia is Bali, known for its wholesale silver jewelry and other arts and crafts. Bali silver jewelry is worldwide famous for its fine quality and cheap prices.


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